Johanna Hedva They're Really Close To My Body: A Hagiography of Nine Inch Nails and Their Resident Mystic Robin Finck
A silk-screened poster by Mark Allen
Edition of 20
51cm x 72cm
£30 + £10 p+p

This poster was made to coincide with Johanna’s performance lecture at David Roberts Art Foundation as part of parrhesiades' contribution to The Season of Cartesian Weeping (2019), curated by Hana Noorali and Lynton Talbot. The silk-screen poster incorporates foil, ink and varnish and uses the same font as used on The Downward Spiral, Hesitation Marks, and The Perfect Drug. The poster includes images of Simone Weil's natal chart and Robin Finck's face, rendered in silver foil to look like the moon. 

The full 15,000 word lecture has been printed in The White Review No 27 (February 2020) and is now available online at, replete with hyperlinks and images.

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