Johanna Hedva
Reading is Yielding

28.09.19 – 10.11.19

Eva Gold
Perv City
01.02.2O – 07.03.20

Cally Spooner
11.03.20 – 01.05.20

Parrhesiades is a multi-platform project, established in 2019 by curator Lynton Talbot to work with artists for whom language, either written spoken or otherwise performed is an essential part of their practice. Together with the artist, Parrhesiades develops a single new work that exists across multiple platforms. A distributed or exploded model for exhibition that incorporates a partner institution, a speculative book, an online space and part of the curators’ home in South East London which is open by appointment.

By inviting artists to work through the different physicalities and temporalities that this offers, the work is made available to a public in a way that problematises a single reading. This fractured or emergent approach culminates in a publication, presenting an account of the six projects, and constitutes the only form of documentation of the works.

Parrhesiades is informed by the resistant politics found within poetry, where meaning is made not in the strictly codified effects of the language used but in the freedom words are given to emancipate themselves from a useful function. Parrhesiades is interested in this as a methodology. As in poetry, the meaning is made from the real conditions the language produces and not as a representational gesture.

Parrhesiades offers an infrastructure that privileges discursivity over commodity. It is an attempt at a more discrepant form of resistance to the market capture of ideas and understands language in its temporal and ephemeral nature as “always already political”.