Toby Christian

Stringer (bone behaviour)

September 2022

P. Staff

When You're With A Lover

April 1st - May 15th 2022

Sophia Al Maria
An Autonomous Zone Away From The Stench

March, 2022

Quinn Latimer

Snakelike, Through These Grasses:

Some Notes On Serpents And Portals 

February, 2022

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Caspar Heinemann

shaggy dog century 

November 2021

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Tai Shani

The Neon Hieroglyph

13.10.21 - 14.10.21 live stream on both dates at 19.00 BST

Isabel Waidner

Jupiter, sans star credentials

Feb 2021

Anaïs Duplan

You Take My Breath Away: A Sonics of Freedom

January 2021

w/ Will Harris: What Kind of Liberation?

Cally Spooner
11.03.20 – 01.05.20

Eva Gold
Perv City
01.02.20 – 07.03.20

Johanna Hedva
Reading is Yielding

28.09.19 – 10.11.19

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